Elite Bundle Deals


Elite Bundle Deals




Achieve any full look with 3 Elite Bundles! Bundles are very luxurious & full! The Elite Bundles are the best Bundles we carry! 10A Bundles make these Bundles a must have!

?Hair Care Tips?
•Avoid high temperatures.
Heating your hair to high temperatures can damage it and decrease the amount of time it will last.

•Never sleep with wet hair.
In order to minimize the risk of tangling your hair, make sure it is dry before you go to bed. You can pin curl or plait your hair to help keep it tangle free.

•Wash your hair carefully
The best way to keep your virgin hair looking good, is to wash carefully in a downward motion, substituting conditioner for shampoo. Rinse your hair well and then style it.

•Gently brush or comb your hair from the bottom up
Comb your hair upwards from the bottom in small sections at a time. Careful brushing or combing will help keep it free from tangles.

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12,14,16, 14,16,18, 16,18,20, 18,20,22, 20,22,24, 22,24,26, 24,26,28, 26,28,30


Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian, Peruvian


Sassy Straight, Bodacious Body Wave, Nice Natural Wave, Luxurious Loose Wave, Kill It Kinky Straight, Dazzling Deep Wave


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